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Sutherland Sisters longest hair in the world

Sutherland Sisters longest hair

Sarah, Victoria, Isabella, Grace, Naomi, Dora, and Mary – in the late 1800s they were among the world-famous celebrities. Seven Sutherland Sisters longest hair in the world

Sutherland Sisters longest hair in the world
in fact, the Sutherland Sisters were no less popular than those celebrities whose legacy survived the test of time: Mae West, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, and Douglas Fairbanks. Sutherland Sisters – Sarah, Victoria, Isabella, Grace, Naomi, Dora, and Mary managed to become famous worldwide. Meanwhile, they lived in Cambria, just outside of Lockport, NY. Interestingly, the total length of the hair of all the seven sisters, was 37 feet (more than 11 meters). They were the real “stars” and amassed a huge fortune by showing their hair, and cashing in on advertising that was a novelty in the 19th century. Besides, they even surpassed earnings of Barnum and Bailey circus in which first showed their hair. Barnum called them the “most pleasant seven wonders of the world”. The late 1800s world-famous celebrities, their beautiful hair and sweet voices made them millionaires. However, their subsequent wasteful extravagant expenditures made them poor again.

Sutherland Sisters longest hair

Proud parents next to their wonderful daughters with the longest hair in the world

Fletcher Sutherland, the father of seven girls, was a preacher, singer, writer, inventor, and politician. Fletcher knew how to attract attention. According to one report, he was “a man of distinguished abilities, known for his strong character, original thinking and analytical mind.” This was Fletcher Sutherland, who pushed his seemingly genetically and musically gifted, long-haired daughters and one son to show business.

Although their show, consisting of church music, songs and salon parlor ballads, received rave reviews, but ultimately it is the hair of girls played a crucial role in their enormous popularity.

Indeed, Sutherland’s Business was one of the largest. In particular, two and a half million bottles of hair care products were sold in 1890, about four years after the start of production. As a result, they received more than U.S. $ 3 million, by the way, a huge sum in those days.

Family members of Sutherland were soon earning more money than they could imagine. However, the cost they spent went far beyond their means. Particularly, to the attendants, maids, servants, clothes, pets, gold and diamonds, luxury villas, travel, alcohol and even the male contenders for the love.

Real fans, people tried to cut their hair or steal hair for good luck. Nevertheless, they earned a lot of money on autographs, publications, souvenirs, and photographs. Meanwhile, the sisters wanted to live together, surrounded by thousands of acres of neighboring farms and forests. But the mansion was the sight of Sutherland. The sisters were afraid of applicants for their wealth, and four of them never married, and only one of them had children.

Noteworthy, in ancient times people were aware of the significance of magical hair. Thus, the ancient Slavs believed that it is through the hair in the human body flows the energy of Mother – Earth and Father – the sun. Besides, our ancestors believed that through the hair we get the kind of protection and wisdom from the Great Gods, who guarded against evil spirits and maintained a healthy body and life.

Of course, women treated hair with great care and love. And they knew that the hair – a real gift of God. For example, using hair she can captivate a man, bring abundance to the house, and even cure the child. Also, in the old days it was customary to give locks of hair to wear them in the heart locket, and to always remember about their beloved … Women’s hair used in many magical rituals and divination.

Sutherland Sisters longest hair in the world