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Toilet of gold – Lenin dream come true

Toilet of gold Lenin dream come true

The Guinness World Records Toilet of gold Lenin dream come true

Toilet of gold Lenin dream come true
The Guinness World Records “Public toilets” made of gold, appeared in China, in the jewellery shop “Golden House” of Hong Kong, the price of each of them – 4.9 million dollars. You could use them only if buying jewelry for 200 dollars. Jewelry store, according to the owner, was done for the amusement of tourists from China, brought up on the postulates of Marxism-Leninism. The Shop Owner Lam Sai-Wing said – since his youth he had dreamed of having enough wealth to build toilets of gold, as Lenin in 1921, wrote, that this would be a useful reminder of the futility of the capitalist system. Lam said that when he was a teenager, he read about a dream of Lenin of toilets from gold. He emigrated to Hong Kong, aged 22 and launched a successful jewelry business. However, it is precisely devoted to capitalism rather than what Lenin wrote. He called the Golden toilet «a combination of my thoughts and ideals “.

Toilet of gold - Lenin's dream come true

Installed in 2001 Toilet of gold

Toilet was established in 2001, and not only the toilet bowl, but also sinks, bathroom brushes, toilet paper holders, mirrors, and chandeliers. In addition, the floor, wall tiles and the doors were made of pure gold. Even before entering the toilet floor is laid with gold bullion. To create the toilet one ton of gold was used. In addition to the gold toilet, there are other values — the ceiling studded with precious stones in quantities of more than 6000 pieces, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and amber.

Swisshorn Gold Palace

Swisshorn Gold Palace Pre-opening Tour and luncheon, with an investment amount of $300 million, it takes up a total floor area of 7000sq. ft. using more than two tonnes of gold. Peninsula Office Tower, 18 Middle Rd

After the international economic crisis in 2008, the price of gold had gone up, and the owners decided to fuse the most gold plumbing fixtures, earning the many millions of dollars. But they seemed rushed, because the price of gold continued to rise even further. Two golden toilet seats weighing 280 kg are the highlight and maintained in working order, but to use it is prohibited. For 20 dollars is allowed to sit on a seat in the clothes; the clients have to take off their shoes, so as not to scratch the gold tiles. Wang Xifeng, from mainland China, appreciated Lenin’s vision and Lam’s realization of it. “It’s a good selling point. It’s a dream come true.”

Toilet of gold Lenin dream come true