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Amazing 3D graffiti by Eduardo Relero

3D graffiti by Argentinian artist Eduardo Relero

“Thinker”. Amazing optical illusions – 3D graffiti by Eduardo Relero, Argentinian artist creating worlds of wonder on pavements all over the globe

3D graffiti by Eduardo Relero
More than 20 years, an Argentinian 3D street artist Eduardo Relero pleases and amazes residents of Rome, France, Germany, America, Spain and his native Buenos Aires with created by him worlds of wonder on pavements. His teacher and principal inspirer is Kurt Wenner, the present master of street art and the organizer of one of the most famous festivals of chalk drawing in Sarasota. This Festival has become a serious step for Eduardo Relero, his fans constantly expanded, Eduardo’s creative style has become a recognizable trademark. No one paints the way he does it – the dreamer, a humorist and a big fan of surrealism.

graffiti by Eduardo Relero

One-of-a-kind optical illusions by 3D graffiti artist Eduardo Relero

Amazing 3D graffiti by Eduardo Relero