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Catherine Deneuve black and white photos

Catherine Deneuve black and white photos

French actress Catherine Deneuve black and white photos

Catherine Deneuve black and white photos
One of the world’s great beauties, French actress and model Catherine Deneuve is famous worldwide. Noteworthy, her image represented Marianne, the national symbol of France, from 1985 to 1989. The face of Chanel No. 5 in the late 1970s, Catherine Deneuve caused sales of the perfume to soar in particular, in the United States. So much that the American press, captivated by her charm, nominated her as the world’s most elegant woman.

French actress and model Catherine Deneuve

Icon of beauty, French actress and model Catherine Deneuve

Actress Catherine Deneuve is the embodiment of the negation of stagnation, the invariance of the screen mask: she managed to avoid the dictate of collective mnemonics. Many-sided, she does not repeat the same role from the film to the film. From film to film she shows the necklace of characters – dissimilar, sometimes even contradictory, but the characters, directly related to the inner image of a woman named Catherine Deneuve.

She is romantic (Demi and Mayerling), a modern young woman (“Manon-70” and “Signal of surrender”), disturbing and confused (“Disgust”, “Day Beauty”), vexed (“Life in the Castle” ), and cruel (“Siren from Mississippi”). ” When you try to determine “what is Catherine Deneuve,” the sacramental phrase is ready – in each new role, she does not resemble herself.

Usually, the printing industry is put on the service of a movie star. The hectares of newspaper and magazine pages filled with “star” judgments about modern marriage, the development of space exploration, the latest collection of Christian Dior’s toilets, popular politicians, contraceptives, etc. Tons of selective printing inks used to print portraits and standardized compositions: star in his living room, in the garden of the villa, on the beach, in a winter resort, etc.

Generally, Catherine Deneuve is a radical opponent of “stellar” polygraphy: “I do not want to be forever” borrowed, “I want to walk freely, dress as I please, in short – be natural.” The extraction of mass consciousness is Catherine Deneuve, which appears on the screen in the rays of projection lamps. But the one who, having taken off her make-up and having handed over the outfit to the wardrobe room, leaves the gates of the studio – not listed in the catalog of concepts mastered by mass consciousness.

Catherine Deneuve black and white photos

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