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Dolls by Oksana Yarmolnik

Beautiful dolls by Oksana Yarmolnik

A cute mouse. Beautiful dolls by Russian artist of applied art Oksana Yarmolnik

Dolls by Oksana Yarmolnik
Born on January 29, 1960 in Moscow, Oksana Yarmolnik is a talented artist of applied art. She graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute (Faculty of Applied Arts). Since 1985, Yarmolnik has worked as a costume and stage designer with such directors as Alexander Borovsky, D. Borowski, B. Messerer, O. Tabakov, S. Zhenovich, and V. Fokin. In particular, she has more than 80 performances in the leading theaters of Russia. Besides, Oksana Yarmolnik – the wife of famous Russian actor Leonid Yarmolnik.
Meanwhile, in 2001, Oksana Yarmolnik launched her own line of toys, dolls that delight both adults and children in our country and abroad. Noteworthy, a charitable person, oksana gives part of the funds from the sale of these toys and dolls to help sick children. She is supporter of the program “Life Line”. According to Oksana, at present there are more than 300 kinds of copyright Dolls. The range is constantly updating, making it possible to buy these toys, as well as collectible dolls.

Beautiful dolls by Russian artist of applied art Oksana Yarmolnik

Rabbit girl. Cute handmade Eco-friendly dolls by Russian artist of applied art Oksana Yarmolnik

Very positive and (important!) Eco-friendly Dolls by Oksana Yarmolnik are made with a touching purity, their qualities – honesty, integrity, and all-embracing love for children. The ability to give joy to the children in our time is a rare quality. This is only a small part of the author’s big collection of dolls, which theatrical costume designer Oksana Yarmolnik made with her hands. Undoubtedly, very beautiful, original toys, but I still like the fact that they are light, not only in color, but also the emotions that trigger! In addition Oksana always been involved in all sorts of creative projects, whether the development of furniture design, interior, decorating the Christmas tree, painting decorative plates or inventing birthday cakes.

Dolls by Oksana Yarmolnik