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Ekaterina Andreeva is 50

Ekaterina Andreeva is 50

Beautiful Russian journalist, actress and TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva is 50

Ekaterina Andreeva is 50
Beautiful Russian journalist, actress and TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva is 50 this year (2011). However, for most of her admirers it’s unbelievable.
Born on November 27, 1961 in Moscow, the USSR, Ekaterina Andreeva has become the icon of style, although she always looks conservative and classic. The most recognizable face of Russian TV, an anchorwoman of Vremya television newscast shown on the main TV channel. According to Ekaterina Andreeva, she is fond of history. Besides, she likes to wander through museums, theaters, and art galleries. Also, Ekaterina Andreeva admits that the third most important part of her life, after work and family, is a gym. She also likes cars. Ekaterina Andreeva’s husband is a businessman, and their daughter Natasha is a student of Moscow State University.
Meanwhile, Ekaterina believes that everything in her life – the fruit of her own efforts. Most of all she loves the days when news block begins with “human” stories – stories in which people show examples of courage, kindness and mutual support.

Beautiful Russian journalist, actress and TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva

Ekaterina Andreeva and her husband

She could have become a lawyer, a historian or a professional athlete, but chose TV. And she didn’t lose. For almost twenty years, every night, she says the most important world news. Always calm and restrained, in classic suit, smooth voice – on the screen she is a real iron lady. Spectators are wondering what she is in daily life and if anything can make her smile. Recognized Queen of live broadcast is good at drawing and sings better than many pop stars. She can easily repair the TV-set and masterfully drives a car, and also owns the martial arts (Chinese fighting) and studies the life of Joseph Stalin.

About the image of strict business woman:
The first thing I do when I go beyond the studio of “Vremya” (“Time”) – I take off my hated jacket. In ordinary life, I prefer comfortable clothes, sportswear, sweaters. I love the things in which I feel convenient and comfortable. Evening dresses – not my story. I know how to wear them, but I do not like. To apply makeup, it takes me three minutes. This is no exaggeration, my editors can confirm it.

About the appearance and maintenance in shape:
I am very open to the world, I like to experience new emotions. I am unenvious. It seems to me that this is the basis of appearance. Because if you’re always going to think about how good your friend is, and how bad you have been to him, this too, will inevitably cause wrinkles on your face. Plus, the evil eye and so on. Here is the first. The rest – creams, orthopedic pillows, sports, food – is secondary. People who advocate such an attitude to the world, look much younger than their years. And I learn from these people.

About a strong character and desire for success:
I like strong contenders. I always say this: You can rely only on people who can resist. If your partner is strong, you can rely on him, he will resist; if there’s someone who is very soft, you will fall down with him. I have no fear of a strong opponent, strong people and competition. I have no complexes of an excellent pupil, but I love to do my job well. Even when I was in first grade, I did not want to stand at the board and blush on the topic that was something I did not know. My mom is a very relaxed, calm, kind, well-balanced, but it was my daddy who brought up such qualities in me, showing by example. For example, in the morning he went out into the street and ran barefoot in winter, tempered.

On the set in the movie:
I starred in “fiend” in 1991 film based on the book by Boris Savinkov. I’m not an actress indeed. As they say, if you can not write – do not write, if can not play – do not play. Actors – is a special breed of people. Inside message, the anguish and the ability to get into character – is a special art, which I am not good at.

Ekaterina Andreeva is 50