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Elina Kireeva the beauty of Russia 2012

Elina Kireeva the beauty of Russia 2012

The final of the beauty pageant. Elina Kireeva the beauty of Russia 2012

Elina Kireeva the beauty of Russia 2012
Final of beauty contest “Krasa Rossii-2012” took place in Moscow yesterday. The winner was 25-year-old resident of Ufa, Bashkortostan, Elina Kireeva. For the title of most beautiful Russian woman in the finals of “Krasa Rossii-2012” fought 63 participants from across the country. The event was held on November 21 at the Metropolitan Theater of the Russian army. The military was a major theme throughout the action. The girl appeared before the audience in images of young ladies of 1812, and WWII. A jury consisting of artists, public figures and TV presenters, drawn the attention not only to the external beauty, but also to their education, knowledge of foreign languages, ability to present themselves, talent in singing, dance or skit.

The winner was 25-year-old resident of Ufa, Bashkotorstan, Elina Kireeva

The winner has become the 25-year-old resident of Ufa, The Republic of Bashkortostan – Elina Kireeva

For a family of Elina her participation in the competition has not become a surprise: in 2008 in the “Beauty of Russia” has performed the younger sister of today winner – 15-year-old Albina Kireeva, who took second place. “A year later I had an idea of ​​moving to the capital to participate in the contest “Miss Moscow”, – says Elina. – And there I was able to take the honorary title of “Vice-beauty of Moscow”.

Elina Kireeva - 2012 Russian Beauty

Gorgeous Elina Kireeva the beauty of Russia 2012

“Beauty of Russia”, for example, it’s not a competition for models, – she says. – It involves smart girls with a rich inner world. So I wish you all a healthy lifestyle, to love and respect yourself”. The beauty queen doesn’t advise to radically change the appearance. She believes, and it is clear why you need to accept yourself as nature intended. It is in this way people find their soul mate.

The girl who won the fifth in a row contest of beauties, admitted that she had a more experienced rival. “Of the 63 participants 13 were in the category of young, – she explains. – The rest were my rivals. Interestingly, six girls had already represented our country in international competitions, but for one girl of my age, this competition has become a fourteenth”.

Elina Kireeva

Crowned “Krasa Rossii-2012” Russian beauty Elina Kireeva

– At one time I was also a blonde, a brunette and even red – she recalls. – But eventually I realized that to wear a mask is not necessary. Better to constantly change and improve your inner world: to learn, to read a good book.

Elina stresses that she grew up in an ordinary family. Like her idol – top model Natalia Vodianova – helped her mother to engage in trade. A student, a graduate of the Russian Trade and Economic University spent two years working in the management of real estate companies.
– I was wondering every day to sit on the deliberations of financial performance, – she laughs. – Recently, I dreamed that I possess my own shopping and entertainment center.

But she had to leave the career of a financier because of the competition: at some point the authorities put forward an ultimatum.
– But I do not regret, she smiles. – My soul always asked for something creative and sociable.

Elina Kireeva the beauty of Russia 2012