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Metro stations hidden architecture

Warsaw Metro stations hidden architecture

Warsaw underground. Metro stations hidden architecture

Metro stations hidden architecture
All the great cities of the world have their metropolitan net. At the most part of the cases, they are only functional infra-structures with thousands daily passersby. In other cases, like Moscow, lines and tunnels link stations with grandiose and retro architecture, where the passengers feel like guests of a solemnity. Through all over the world, we can find beautiful metropolitan stations, ancient or modern ones. It’s a pity that, at the daily rushing around, we have no time to take a long lasting kind of look…

Metro stations hidden architecture

Prague Metro

Sometimes the real works of contemporary art and innovative design await tourists not in art galleries. The best proof – Prague Metro, bold and bright design which is the envy of the best examples of architectural art of our time. The combination of different materials, textures and colors makes underground unique.

New York City. America’s most bustling city always had a crowded subway: all in a hurry, completely immersed in their own thoughts. To bring to life the inhabitants of the metropolis more finesse and food for the soul, the best artists from around the world have created a unique design for each station.

Opened in 1900 the Paris metro is one of the most famous in the world. The world of high art begins right at the entrance – it has a classic art nouveau style at each station. Metro station near the Louvre itself is like a part of the museum.

Munich metro is one of the youngest in the world – opened only in 1972. But this riot of imagination, a delicate sense of style and color can be found nowhere else in the world. It’s more fantastic scenery for a movie or fairy tales than the usual station. The perfect combination of classic and urban trends in design.

Lisbon. Warm colors, a relaxing atmosphere and a touch of ethnic music – it is not only the city itself, but its metro. A trip – a real treat for the eyes and soul.

Shanghai, China. The transport system Bund Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai. Its tunnel for 647 meters entangled spectacular optics that motion creates the illusion of colorful threads.

Dubai. High-speed subway opened its doors for the first time not too long ago, but the long constructing cost produced the effect. It’s a real galactic express – Metro looks like a picture of the future, not only inside but also outside. The amazing architecture of the land attracted interest from around the world.

Santiago. The most modern high-tech Metro in South America, which is adjacent to the classics at the station of the University of Chile, you can see the enormous installation, which tells about the history of the country. At other stations there are paintings by contemporary artists and a media panel with a fascinating story about the city.

Tokyo. Amazing, stunning, like nothing on earth world of Japan has found in a worthy reflection on the Tokyo subway. Reliable armor-clad plastic and metal in fact reflects a lot of tradition. You should definitely look at Shinjuku station – it is richly and beautifully decorated.

Montreal In 1966, just before Montreal hosted its World’s Fair, Mayor Jean Drapeau ordered that art should be integrated into all the stations of the new metro. Today there are more than 150 sculptures, murals, and mosaics featured throughout the system. The abstract stained-glass window shown here, designed by Mario Merola and Pierre Osterrath, brightens up rush hour for Montreal commuters at Charlevoix Station.

Metro stations hidden architecture