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Swarovski museum Kristallwelten

Swarovski museum Kristallwelten

Famous Swarovski museum Kristallwelten

Swarovski museum Kristallwelten
In a small Austrian town of Wattens, which is located in the beautiful Tyrolean valley is perhaps the only museum of its kind, crystal. In the frame of the majestic Alps in the green grass grows ancient giant’s head with sparkling crystal eyes, with waterfall and rushing from his mouth. Once upon a time, here in the Tyrol, lived a huge giant who guarded the great treasures hidden in the Alpine mountains. It is to him the entrance to the fairy cave is entrusted, cave, which contains millions of shiny splashes of colorful Swarovski treasure.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

In 1995 the famous Austrian company «Swarovski» preparing to celebrate its centenary, it was decided to create a museum that would help people see the magical beauty of the crystal, to feel the bewitching power of these crystals absorbed and the night lights of stars being born and the first light of day.

The creator of the museum Austrian artist Andre Heller offered to host it … underground. Well, where else are the treasures of firm «Swarovski», comparable in its purity and splendor of diamonds? Fabulous cave called “Swarovski Crystal Worlds» (Swarovski Kristallwelten). Together with Andre Heller to create a museum of crystals worked with Brian Eno, Niki de Saint Phalle and other artists and designers.

Terrestrial part of the museum is the only entry made in the form of a giant head. His eyes are made of green crystals. Mouth is constantly crashes down a waterfall. The spotlight in his splitting into thousands of small spray of rainbows, and it seems that the waterfall is also made of crystal. In an underground treasure is a glass tunnel. It is believed that all that is in the museum – a treasure of a giant.

Around the head of the giant fairy tale with a small lake there is a park with playgrounds for children, a variety of games and a maze in the form of a giant outstretched palm. At the entrance to the cave as well as places in the park during the summer from time to time from the ground shoot streams of water hidden in the ground fountains.

This park is nice to walk, breathe the fresh alpine air, admiring the beauty of the surrounding valley of the mountains, crystal clear flowing river water, mainly due to a founder of the dynasty, Daniel Swarovski, and chose this location for its factory. The only thing that is confusing here is a huge sculpture of a monkey on the background of the factory.

Magical worlds of Swarovski – a cave, first with seven rooms, and after the recent renovation since thirteen, entering you find yourself in an extraordinary tale crystal. Each room is a completely new installation of light, color, sound, movement and reflections. The perception of reality, there is absolutely no. And not a word about the history of Swarovski crystal or se … Only sparkling fairy tale in an underground labyrinth!

On the walls of the museum poems by great poets are engraved: Shakespeare, Garcia Lorca, Goethe … in which one of the lines must contain a word in Russian means “crystal”. That word – key. It accompanies the museum visitors in each room.

And here we are in the twilight of the first hall of the museum. A huge 310,000-carat crystal Tsentenar (about 62 kilograms) in diameter – 40 cm, which entered the Guinness Book of Records, flashing all its hundred faces waiting for us. One hundred faces of the crystal cast a warm loose garnet lights, the cold silver sheen, shining through the darkness dissolving and consistently fascinate audiences.

Until the last renovation in 2007 the museum was not flying phantasmagoric theater shirts, pants and dancing around the stage paced feet.

Sure, most people outside the museum are impressed with a wall height of 11 meters with the prisoners in it for 20 tonnes of colored glass crystals. Highlights born of their faces give everything going completely unreal feeling, which seeks to visitors everywhere during the entire walk through this fabulous treasure. Stepping on a narrow path under my feet suddenly comes to life a kaleidoscope of snow that accompanies over 10 meters of each step of walking on her person.

This is a journey to Swarovski Kristallwelten museum.

Kristalldom-a huge chip on which a person looks inside. View all its 590 SLR triangular faces, on which billions of iridescent reflections play an unusual sight is amazing. Brian Eno’s music creates an unreal sense of infinity, the walls disappear and familiar space around completely changes.

Coming out of this room, you find yourself in a winter forest. Polished to a sparkling shine metal and the cold crystal lead to a wonderful winter wonderland. Enchanted winter forest, wrapped in snow and icicles, stood silent in his cold beauty. At the fluffy white spruce twigs glitter icicles, barely audible call back crystals.

Next, you will find the largest kaleidoscope in the world, created by Andre Heller. Magic Crystals Swarovski produced for him, and Mandel. The main crystal, polished by hand, placed in the center of the hall, it is for relaxation. In three-dimensional space (with no special, like in the movies, glasses) you can see the very birth of the Crystal Planet and the appearance of life.

A myriad of stars begin to thicken and gradually die out, compressing into a planet. Then the planet is covered with blue light of the oceans, the continents appear, turning green every second. Rapid evolution of millions of times the fish inhabit the oceans, roaring dinosaurs followed by the singing of birds. The holographic effect is achieved by using crystals of Swarovski and the latest audiovisual technology unfolds in front of you almost a real picture of the natural history of the Earth. People come here and watch in silence by an infinitely changing picture on it and meditate.

In the kaleidoscope follows Crystal Theatre, created by the Austrian poet Susan Shmegleri. She also produced a set of strange creatures living in the world of German fairy tales. The crystal theater is so colorful and full of movement, it seems the figure, shimmering in the spotlight, comes to life before us, enchant us and call in their fabulous crystal country. Dance of the sun and the moon … they whirl to the music in a slow waltz.

But who knows what is on their back side … The same shapes, depending on the light falling on them, seem to be quite different, so sometimes it is difficult to understand, if you see it before or a totally different character in the theater.

Crystal suddenly turns into a tree…, rainbow butterfly. And a thousand times right creator of the museum’s Andre Hedler, arguing that “the Swarovski Crystal Worlds” – is a place for people, where there is a real story and where they see their dreams come real …

Incomparable in its design and execution – the creation of Fabrizio Plessis. The music from the depths of crystal stems emerge and melt again replacing a variety of other video songs of Thomas Feuerstein. And on top of the tubes – windows streaming magic green light, emphasizing the unearthly beauty of this amazing world.
The room installation called “Reflections” at first glance seems chaotic and strange. Nevertheless, it organized the space of the principles: yin and yang, the double helix, the eye of Typhoon, the flow of water.

Hall of “Treasures of the giant” contains personal belongings of the mythological keeper of the museum. Items were made based on sketches by Andre Heller’s childhood memories.

Cane work belongs to the Austrian wood carver Rudy Hirt.

The next room is devoted to Crystallography. We see a graceful beauty of Japanese kanji in a compartment with a riot of colors the brightest neon signs prompted the founders of the museum on this symbiosis of modern literature. The American glassblower Paul Seida tried to convey to us a string of “Wines of love” Baudelaire. As is known, since the Tower of Babel language boundaries in human history have tried to overcome the proliferation of one or the other language in the form of the ground and even the invention of Esperanto, but as they say, nothing has changed. This is another attempt to convey to us the meaning and the beauty of poetry without the help of the alphabet.

World Wide Web Conference. In this hall there is a four-meter globe. When it starts spinning on its circumference there are successive pictures. According to the plan created by Christie and his Bettelhayma they symbolize the evolution of the universe and the philosophy of the Earth. On its hemispheres you can also see the company’s history, current Swarovski, covered all the continents of the scale.

Swarovski museum Kristallwelten