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Twin peaks interesting facts

Twin peaks interesting facts

1990 cult serial created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Twin peaks interesting facts

Twin peaks interesting facts
“A town where everyone knows everyone and nothing is what it seems”. First of all, David Lynch and Mark Frost planned film-biography “Marilyn Monroe”, which was published under the title “Goddess.” However, after failing to get the rights, they gave up, being able to transfer some experience in the subject line of the cult series. Accordingly, Laura Palmer became the screen prototype of Marilyn. By the way, the rough title of the series Twin peaks was «Northwest Passage».

Twin peaks interesting facts. Beautiful prototype of Marilyn, Sheryl Lee, German born actress

Beautiful prototype of Marilyn, Sheryl Lee, German born actress. Twin peaks interesting facts

However, in the original version of the script there was no character named Madeleine Ferguson (Laura Palmer’s cousin, played by the same actress – Sheryl Lee). David Lynch was so impressed with Sheryl as Laura Palmer, that wanted to continue to work with her and created new series. To make it easier for the audience to distinguish, he decided that Madeleine Ferguson becomes a brunette (as opposed to blonde Laura Palmer).

As a promotion has been completed calendar for 1991 with footage from “Twin Peaks”, but wasn’t released to the market in connection with the photo shoot of Sheryl Lee for the magazine “Playboy.”

In the seventh series someone attacks Jacoby – The mystery still remains undisclosed. However, according to Mark Frost, this is the subject of the murderer of Laura Palmer.

At the time of filming the series, the population of the town Twin Peaks was 5.120 people. With the easy submission to TV screen, the size of the city increased by 10 times – up to 51.201 people.

Kyle MacLachlan, who played the role of FBI agent Dale Cooper, refused to develop the love story with Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn), referring to the fact that an honest FBI agent never allows himself to have a relationship with an underage girl.

As part of the production of some of the scenes were shot, revealing the relationship between James Hurley (played by James Marshall) and his mother, but were not included in the series.

To prevent leaks, several options of murdering Madeline Ferguson scene were shot. In particular, one of them became a killer Maddy Ben Horne. However, this scene is never displayed publicly or on television, or in a variety of video releases.

Pilot episode lasts two hours. Later, this episode was split into two parts. In European countries, the pilot episode was shown in theaters. In the list of “25 TV show of all time,” according to the publication of «TV Guide» TV series was on 20th place.

Lynch’s daughter, Jennifer was the author of the book “The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer.” A brother of Mark Frost, Scott – author of “Memoirs of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.” These books were published at the height of the popularity of the series.

So, who killed Laura Palmer? During the second season, the identity of her murderer was revealed: her father, Leland molested, raped, and killed his own daughter. When Leland dies in police custody, it is implied that Laura appears before him in a vision, forgiving him and welcoming him to the afterlife.

Twin peaks interesting facts