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Uma Thurman American actress, model, person

Uma Thurman American actress, model, person

Beautiful Uma Thurman American actress, model, person

Uma Thurman American actress, model, person
Gorgeous Uma Karuna Thurman is a member of the board of Room to Grow, a charitable organization providing aid to families and children born into poverty. In particular, she serves on the board of the Tibet House. Meanwhile, in 2007, she hosted the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway with actor Kevin Spacey. In 2011, Thurman became one of a handful of celebrity faces attached to USAID and Ad Council’s FWD campaign, an awareness push to combat the famine, war, and drought in the Horn of Africa.
Born in the family of a professor at Columbia University, where her German dad is an expert on Eastern religions in the past Buddhist monk Robert Thurman. And her mother Nena (nee von Shleebryugge) was the famous Swedish model of her time. But now she is a psychotherapist by profession, once briefly married to Timothy Leary.

Uma Karuna Thurman

Hollywood actress Uma Thurman

Noteworthy, parents named her Uma in honor of the Hindu goddess. In addition, the Sanskrit name of the actress means “do not suffer.” However, At 9 years old Uma shied of her unusual name, preferring to call herself Diana. She later reconciled with her name and even became proud of it. Anyway, as long as visited Japan. There, she noticed that the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun ashamed to call her by her name. Funny, but it turned out that “Uma” is Japanese means “horse.”

In fact, it was her father Robert Uma Thurman who gave Uma such a fancy name that means “the giver of bliss”. According to belief, he became the first American in the history of the cut in the Buddhist monks by Dalai Lama personally.

Poem by Jessi
I might be strong, or I might be weak.
I don’t want anyone to see, what love has done to me.
I’ve never been accepted, I always had to pretend.
I just want this fake reality, to just end.
I cant heal my own broken world, when I’m losing hope.
I guess when it comes down to it, I learned to cope.
I guess I’m use to this, use to feeling alone.
Not one time in my life, have I not been on my own.

Uma Thurman American actress, model, person