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Queen Elizabeth portrait exhibition at Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth portrait exhibition

One of the best photos of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth portrait exhibition

Queen Elizabeth portrait exhibition
Portraits, photography, sculpture, and painting of a Monarch will be exhibited in London to honor 60 years on the throne, as the final of the Diamond Jubilee year of Queen Elizabeth. The Queen has demonstrated modesty, as the exhibition of her portraits takes place in the most nondescript and the smallest room of Windsor Castle. The first thing that catches your eye – Elizabeth II by the American avant-garde artist Andy Warhol. By the way, he used to say that he wants to be as famous as the English Queen. He certainly succeeded. However, many critics did not consider portraits of Warhol’s art work at all. Besides, the Castle is simply full of masterpieces of European art. For example, the famous portrait by Lusien Freud, grandson of the founder of psychoanalysis. In fact, works by Warhol and Freud in this collection are the most expensive. And half of the exhibit are photographs. Some of these pictures are literally dragged out of the fire. The Windsor fire was exactly 20 years ago. The exhibition opens Friday, 23 November 2012, and runs to Sunday, 09 June 2013.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth portrait exhibition at Windsor Castle

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II a special exhibition at Buckingham Palace will bring together an unprecedented array of the dress, uniform and robes worn for the historic event. The exhibition will include Cecil Beaton’s famous Coronation portraits of The Queen, using his signature theatrical backdrops to recreate the inside of Westminster Abbey. In addition, The Diamond Diadem, which Her Majesty wore for the journey from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, will go on display. Besides, the outfits worn on the day by two-year-old Princess Anne and four-year-old Prince Charles will be included in the exhibition.

Queen Elizabeth's portraits exhibition

Curator Lauren Porter hangs a photograph by Cecil Beaton of Queen Elizabeth II taken during her Coronation in 1953 as part of the exhibition The Queen – Portraits of a Monarch being shown at Windsor Castle. November 20, 2012

Queen Elizabeth portrait exhibition