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Stanislava Komarova Russian swimmer

Russian swimmer Stanislava Komarova

Beautiful Russian swimmer Stanislava Komarova

Stanislava Komarova Russian swimmer
Born on June 12, 1986 in Moscow, beautiful Russian swimmer Stanislava Komarova (also known as Stacia Komarova) became Russian athlete of the year 2002 by version of FSZHR. She won the silver medal in the 200 m backstroke at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. By the way, it was the only medal won by the Russian swimmers in Athens. In addition, Komarova is one of the few modern swimmers who competes without goggles. She swims with Benjamin Le Maguet and Danilo Zocco. Stanislava was shortly married to a Russian volleyball player Alexei Ostapenko. She took part in the second season of the TV project “Cruel Intentions”. Now she is a presenter of sports news on NTV channel.

Stanislava Komarova

Russian athlete of the year 2002 by version of FSZHR, Stanislava Komarova

Sport achievements :

World Cup 2001 Fukuoka silver 200m back, 7th place in the 4×100 m medley relay
WC 2002 (short water) Moscow 7th 200m back and 4×100 m medley relay , 8th place 100m back
2002 Berlin gold 100m and 200m back
2002 (short water) Riza bronze 200m back, 4th 100m backstroke
World Cup 2003 Barcelona bronze 200m back, 5th 100m backstroke
2003 (short water) silver 200m back, 5th 100m backstroke
2004 Madrid 100m back gold , silver 200m backstroke
Olympics 2004 Athens silver 200m backstroke
World Cup 2005 Montreal 6th 200m backstroke
2006 FIFA World Cup (short water) Shanghai 7th 200m back, 5th place in the 4×100 m medley relay
2006 Budapest 7th 200m backstroke
2006 (short water) Helsinki
Euro 2008 Eindhoven 6th 200m back, 7th 100m backstroke
Beijing Olympics 2008 14 result in the semifinal heat on 200m backstroke

After the Olympics in 2004 she had glamor photo shoots.

Stanislava Komarova Russian swimmer